Die Abwesenheit

Kinospielfilm * in Entwicklung

Buch & Regie: Rainer Kirberg


The Absence follows Aleixo, a young surfboard designer in a Galician coast village, into the most existential adventure of his life. Aleixo is faced with the need to feed his wife Mariña and their soon-tobe- born baby, illegally fishing for percebes (goose barnacles) – an extremely dangerous task, rewarded with one of the highest-priced seafood in the world. Aleixo will be challenged by the forces of nature: having set out to work he suffers an accident and loses his boat, rescueing himself and his dog Coxo to a far away island that nobody knows. For four days and four nights Aleixo seeks for salvation, surrounded by the heavy breath of the ocean...

In Koproduktion mit Zeitun Films, Spanien.
Gefördert von BKM Drehbuchförderung (Deutschland), MEDIA Development Fund (EU) und AGADIC Produktionsförderung (Spanien).